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Pathology Laboratory Reports New Findings in the Journal Nature

January 27, 2016 / Experimental Pathology

The laboratory of Dr. Gabriel Nuñez, Paul de Kruif Professor of Pathology, reported new findings in the article “NEK7 is an essential mediator of NLRP3 activation downstream of potassium efflux” which was published as an advance online publication in the journal Nature on January 27, 2016. Dr. Yuan He is the first author. Other co-authors from the Department include Dr. Melody Zeng and Dr. Dahai Yang. The article can be found online here at


Designing for the Future of Pathology

January 25, 2016 / Renovation And Relocation Project
Dr. Jeff Myers announces the grand opening of the Pathology Innovation Suite

Eight Medical School faculty honored for excellence in basic sciences teaching

January 22, 2016 / Award

On Jan. 18, the Endowment for Basic Sciences (EBS) hosted its annual teaching awards luncheon in Palmer Commons, honoring eight outstanding faculty, including, Professor Alexey I. Nesvizhskii, for excellence in classroom teaching, mentoring, and leadership in the advancement of the teaching mission.

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Wayne County Chief Medical Examiner Carl Schmidt featured in "The Living Dead"

January 18, 2016 /

"The bright aseptic room smelled of Pine-Sol and bleach and overripe Camembert. A white-bearded man lay on a stainless-steel examination table, his face angled toward the skylight and the cold, cloudless morning. An investigator read from his clipboard: 61-year-old white male discharged from a Detroit hospital last night was found at home, shirtless, in a wheelchair, a .38-caliber handgun in his right hand. On his chest was a burn that appeared to be an exact match of the gun’s barrel. Carl Schmidt, the medical examiner, wiped the contact wound with a wet sponge."

Written by: Peter Andrey Smith, Reporter (The New York Times Magazine)

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Arul M. Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD, was among the group of distinguished cancer scientists called to Washington DC for advice

January 11, 2016 / Experimental Pathology
Arul M. Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD, Director, Michigan Center for Translational Pathology, and S.P. Hicks Endowed Professor of Pathology; was among the group of distinguished cancer scientists called to Washington DC to give advice on how research can help bring to reality Vice President Biden's hope for a "Moon Shot Vision to cure cancer."

Smart facility planning aids Pathology labs at the North Campus Research Complex (Video)

January 7, 2016 / Renovation And Relocation Project

In this new video, Corrie leads an exercise to determine how three different Pathology labs will work better together in a new space.

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