Experimental Pathology

Helpful Links of Interest to Researchers

ORSP (Office of Research and Sponsored Projects)
Source for information needed for processing application through ORSP, including the Project Representatives for NIH, Foundations and Industry.  Also has information for policies concerning Human Subjects, Animal use, Conflict of Interest etc.

NIH PHS 398 (Public Health Service Grant 398)
The link to NIH PHS 398 forms (keep in mind that these forms are not used often; when needed, the departmental grants administrator usually completes these with information supplied by the PI).

Internal Pathology Funding: 

AP Research Application

CP Research Application

Pathology Proteomics Resource Facility Pilot Project Program

(Regulatory Management & Proposal Management): eResearch is the University of Michigan's site for electronic research administration

PIs can access:

  1. Regulatory Management
    Used for the review and approval process for Human Subjects Research Applications and IBC Biosafety Registrations.
  2. Proposal Management
    Used for the electronic routing, approval and submissions of proposals (PAF's) and Unfunded Agreements (UFA's) to external sponsors.
  3. Animal Management
    Used to accommodate the electronic management of UCUCA protocols and the ordering, census, and invoicing of animals for ULAM.
  4. University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research
    The Office of Research at the University of Michigan Medical School is constantly striving to enhance the research enterprise, including maintaining an investigator-focused infrastructure, facilitating and diversifying investigators' avenues for funding, and streamlining research processes.

Medical School Grant Review & Analysis Office grant routing deadlines
ORSP requires proposals no later than four (4) business days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline date and time.  The Medical School Submission Policy requests all proposals arrive in the Grant Review Office seven (7) business days prior to the project being submitted by campus.  This means that the Medical School deadline that should be added to the PAF is a total of ten (10) business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline.

Michigan Experts

Need an expert in something?  Want to see examples of exceptional grants? How about the most recent umich publications?  It's all here!