Pathology Informatics

Report an Issue

To report a problem to or request help from Pathology Informatics, first consider the type of problem you'd like to report. If you are not sure as to which one to choose, please refer to the guide below to understand the different requests and other information on how we can help. 

Contact Information

Calling the Service Desk
(734) 936-6740

  • Coverage as of Dec. 12, 2022:
  • Weekdays 07:30 – 23:30

Calling the HITS Service Desk
(734) 936-8000

  • Coverage is 24x7
  • Best to call here for MiChart issues or questions.
  • Any ticket may be called in (wait times on hold can be longer during peak hours).

Emergency Contact
On-call pager for operational emergencies:
Pager 9398

Pathology IT Catalog

Provide support for pathology applications and services including the SoftLab Lab Information System (LIS) Program and non-LIS applications. Also, request assistance with patient laboratory records.

Open Catalog

Three Request Types:

The Lab Information System (LIS) Program

  • Laboratory Instrument
  • Patient Record Locked
  • Lab Label Printing
  • Accounts
  • Other Issues


Patient Laboratory Records

  • Record Merge, Stay move, Demographic change
  • Resend results


Other Pathology Applications (non-LIS)

  • PathTrack
  • WinScribe
  • MediaLab
  • LabPortal / Custom Apps

HITS General Requests

Report a non-urgent IT issue or request assistance involving patient information, and Michigan Medicine managed devices; such as PCs (CoreImage, CoreMac, Linex), printers, and networking.

Submit Ticket

Two Request Types:

  • The issue involves patient information
  • The issue involves a Michigan Medicine managed device (CoreImage, CoreMac, Linux, printer, etc.)