Employee Recognition

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The Department of Pathology's Employee Recognition program recognizes workplace contribution of all staff, including their involvement in community service, daily pursuit of excellence and accomplishment of individual career goals.

Learn more about our program - including the different ways one may be recognized and the special events held throughout the year - by visiting the links on this page.


How do you nominate a colleague for an award and what will they receive?

The following is a summary of each individual component, including nomination procedures and awards received. Keep in mind that before you submit, please login with your Level-2 located at the top-right of the Pathology website.  


Community Service

Our Community Service Page (bulletin board) provides staff with an opportunity to share activities and events that reflect the core values of the Health System when you join. This is an informational component and does not provide individual recognition or awards.

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Day To Day Recognition "Something to Crow About"

This component recognizes employees for daily contributions that exceed normal job responsibilities.
Do you have a colleague you believe should be recognized for a task or act that has not been acknowledged? These forms will be forwarded to the employee's supervisor so that he/she is aware of this recognition. All staff who are recognized will be eligible for the monthly drawing for a $5 gift certificate from the cafeteria.  Drawing winners will be featured on our website.

You can recognize your colleagues by submitting a "Something to Crow About" form. To access this form please click the "acknowledge daily activities" link below, complete the electronic form or print and mail in a paper form.

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Professional Development

To recognize the academic and scholarly achievements of our staff (includes receipt of degrees and certifications, presentations at conferences, conducting in-service training and publications). Staff will be recognized on our website and will be invited to the annual recognition reception sponsored by the Department of Pathology.
To submit your achievement, complete and submit the electronic form or print and mail a paper form. These forms are available on the Professional Development page of our website.

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Workplace Recognition

Recognizing workplace improvements, outstanding or extraordinary performance and teamwork is the goal of the workplace recognition award. Staff members that go above and beyond their daily work duties can be nominated for this award. The categories that a staff member could be nominated for our Customer Service, Innovative Ideas, Above and Beyond and Creating Synergy.

To nominate a staff member click the "reward a job well done" link below, complete and submit the electronic form, or print and mail a paper form. Please be sure to include the act in which the staff member should be nominated for. We are asking for detailed examples of outstanding work on these nomination forms.
Individuals will be recognized each month. These individuals and their achievements will be recognized on our website and will be invited to the annual reception sponsored by the Department of Pathology.

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Supervisors, Faculty, Staff: