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20 October
Michigan Medicine Highlights Phlebotomy Research on Podcast

Experts from the Department of Pathology's Phlebotomy Team were featured on Michigan Medicine's "The Wrap" podcast. The podcast focuses on the department's Poke Plan Program at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, an initiative that helps to alleviate pain and fear among children during the blood draw process [...]

16 October
Bad Bacteria Make Their Own Food to Colonize the Gut

Diarrhea can be the unfortunate but short-lived side effect of bad takeout food, yet it is also a leading cause of death in children under five globally. Scientists continue to investigate how illness-causing bacteria gain a foothold within the digestive tract when they are usually held in check by the protective bacteria collectively known as the gut microbiome [...]

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29 October
7th Annual Protein Folding Diseases Initiative Symposium
Conference Image

Join Us Virtually!

The University of Michigan’s Protein Folding Diseases Initiative will be holding its 7th Annual Symposium starting at 12:00 pm, via Zoom.


6 November
19th Annual Pathology Research Symposium
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Join Us Virtually!

This Molecular and Cellular Pathology graduate student event showcases research within the department by faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and Ph.D. students. The day is highlighted with the invited keynote presentation by Ana Maria Cuervo, MD, PhD.

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26 October
Virtual DEI Summit: Arts+Social Change - Building an Anti-Racist World Through the Arts

10:00-11:30 am EST

The University of Michigan's division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is hosting the 2020 virtual summit for Arts + Social Change. The event will focus on building an anti-racist world through the arts, community assembly and discussion.


11 November
Understanding Breast Cancer: My Journey as a Physician-Scientist: Celina Kleer, MD

10:00 am EST

Join us for a virtual event featuring the Department of Pathology's Dr. Celina Kleer, who will host a discussion related to her experiences in understanding breast cancer and her journey as a physician-scientist.

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