Pathology Relocation and Renovation Project

How Innovation Drives Our Pathology Relocation and Renovation (PRR) Project

Smarter Facilities at UMHS

Over the past 5 years, the Pathology Department's clinical needs have grown at a rate of 7.8% annually. This, along with the general growth of UMHS, has created a demand for a larger footprint and more efficient space.

It has also created the need to bring together faculty, staff, trainees and laboratories long spread out across different campus zones.

As a result, the PRR project is part of a multi-year renovation and relocation that features two phases.

  • Phase One brings much of Pathology together at the North Campus Research Complex.
  • Phase Two includes renovations at University Hospital (UH) creating creation of an automated core laboratory and other critical laboratory and support spaces.

Innovation drives this project. Once completed, the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) stage of this multi-year project will allow Pathology to call four contiguous buildings home. When fully functional, new laboratories will transform the patient experience and produce better outcomes. Offices and work spaces will be equally innovative, because they are designed to encourage collaborative discovery and cooperation across disciplines at a time when digital technologies play an increasingly important role in how we provide care.

The Innovative concepts and ideas from Phase one are being brought forward into Phase two, with its own unique challenges and opportunities created by a large renovation effort in occupied and operational lab space.

All told, the NCRC and UH renovation and relocation plans affect about 186,000 gross square feet and will drive positive trends related to growth, expenses, and opportunities for collaboration.

The insights gained from our PRR project will allow our team to share best practices with future health system renovations, relocations and activations.

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