Hematopathology Section

The Hematopathology (HP) Section consists of a diverse group of hematopathologists with varied interests. All of the hematopathologists provide a diagnostic evaluation of tissue and fluids for both University of Michigan patients and clients through the MLabs program.  The interpretive reports include the integration of tissue morphology and ancillary testing such as flow cytometric analysis, molecular diagnostic testing, and cytogenetic results. Our hematopathologists typically review over 4,900 tissue cases and over 2,000 fluid and peripheral smears yearly.

Many members of the HP section carry out research activities in Hematopathology. Areas of interest include Acute myeloid leukemias, Epigenetics of Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Hodgkin, and non-Hodgkin lymphomas.  The faculty consistently produce manuscripts and present at national and international conferences. Other interests include the development and implementation of integrated Hematopathology virtual case review tool.

The Hematopathology Fellowship Program is an ACGME approved one-year fellowship program.

The University of Michigan hematopathologists are actively involved with the Hematology/Oncology and Radiology Departments in collaborative multidisciplinary patient care conferences.

For more information, please call 734-936-1874.