Wayne County Chief Medical Examiner Carl Schmidt featured in "The Living Dead"

By Vashni Santee | January 18 2016

"The bright aseptic room smelled of Pine-Sol and bleach and overripe Camembert. A white-bearded man lay on a stainless-steel examination table, his face angled toward the skylight and the cold, cloudless morning. An investigator read from his clipboard: 61-year-old white male discharged from a Detroit hospital last night was found at home, shirtless, in a wheelchair, a .38-caliber handgun in his right hand. On his chest was a burn that appeared to be an exact match of the gun’s barrel. Carl Schmidt, the medical examiner, wiped the contact wound with a wet sponge."

Written by: Peter Andrey Smith, Reporter (The New York Times Magazine)

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