Digital Pathology

In the future we should be able to offer a more standardized, easier-to-use workflow. For the present we rely on information in the scan request form; this web page will help serve as a guide. 

There are several variables that accompany a request to create an "unknowns" conference for pathology education. Below are three examples. 

  • In what interface will the whole-slide images (WSI) be displayed?
  • Who needs to access the WSI? Michigan Medicine residents, fellows and faculty only? Or does it need to be open to pathology colleagues outside UM / Mich Med?
  • How to address the issue of PHI on the slide labels



Tumor Boards

"IM2" image server


Slides:  new or existing

New slides:  fill out slide scan request form as usual

Make use of existing slides: send us the pathology accession number(s) or the image ID numbers for individual slides. Contact for assistance. 


Slide Labels

Tell us if the glass slide labels are already masked and labeled the way you want.

If not, how do you want the WSI label images to appear when the WSI are opened?

    • De-identified
    • OK to show original patient label

Slide order

Tell us the order in which each case should appear on the web interface:

    • Order slides were placed on the tray
    • Other (assign a number to each case)