Point of Care

POCT provides education about the requirements of each test system and act as consultants to the units for point of care laboratory testing. Here you will find test system references to guide training and competency.

POCT technologists work with units to compete competency assessments by either performing them themselves or by training qualified individuals (Superusers) to perform trainings for their units.

For more information, review the Personnel Qualifications, Training and Competency Assessment Policy.


How are training and competencies performed for point of care testing at Michigan Medicine?

We use a train the trainer model. A POCT technologist will meet with 1-2 superusers per year to perform and sign off on their annual competencies. These superusers will then oversee initial training, annual competency, and demos for all operators at your site for the year.

*Offsite locations: iSTAT and initial GeneXpert training will be conducted by POCT technologists for all operators. (Annual GeneXpert competencies will be performed by the superusers)


Waived testing- are simple and have a low risk for erroneous results that have been approved for waiver under the CLIA criteria. Competency must be assessed annually.

Non-waived tests- are moderately complex tests that have more regulation under the CLIA criteria. New operators need to complete an initial, 6 month and 1 year competency assessment to be competent to perform testing. After the first year, competency will need to be assessed annually. Initial trainings and competency check off's are to be completed with a delegated competency assessor that qualifies. Contact Point of Care for clarification.


Waived testing Access:

Clinitek and DCA Access- To keep access for a full year a demo must be performed using 6 zeros (000000) as the patient ID. This will enable the middleware to grant access for a full year.

Glucometer Access- to maintain access a set of QC needs to be performed once a year.

*ICU units ONLY: must also perform a demo using zeros for the patient ID with the unit superuser.

GeneXpert Access (Offsite ONLY)- For annual competency, a demo must be performed using GENEXPERT12 as the patient ID. This will enable the middleware to grant access for a full year.

If you lose access, please reach out to the POCT team. We will extend access for 2 weeks so you can complete the competency demo.


Non-Waived Testing Access:

Onsite accesss: Competency check off's are to be completed with a delegated competency assessor. When performing the demo portion, make sure to scan the appropriate barcode for the patient ID that is provided by Point of Care. This makes sure appropriate access if granted. If access is lost, please reach out to the POCT team. We will extend access temporarily for your to complete your check off.

*Offsite does not have any interfaced nonwaived testing.


Below are resources for point of care testing training and competency materials:

General Resources:

Good Laboratory Practice

Training Checklists: These are checklists with the most important information to be used during training sessions.

ATAGO Refractometer Training Checklist

AVOXimeter 1000 Training Checklist

CoaguChek INR Training Checklist

Clinitek Training Checklist

Cholestech Training Checklist 

DCA Hemoglobin A1C Training Checklist 

Gem 5000 Training Checklist

GeneXpert SARS-CoV2 Training Checklist

Glucose Meter Training Checklist

Hemoccult Training Checklist

Hemochron Training Checklist

Hemocue Training Checklist

iStat Training Checklist

Manual UA with Multistix 10 SG Training Checklist

Manual UA with Chemstrip 10 Training Checklist

Osmometer Osmolality Training Checklist

Piccolo- Total Bilirubin Training Checklist

pH Determinations using Nitrazine Paper Training Checklist

Rom Plus Training Checklist

Rotem Sigma Training Checklist

Strep A Rapid Antigen Training Checklist

Sysmex Training Checklist

Trichomonas Training Checklist

Urine Drug Screen Training Checklist

Urine Pregnancy Screen Training Checklist


Competency Assesstment Forms

POCT Competency Assessment Form Offsite

POCT Competency Assessment Form Onsite


Cornerstone Certifications List
POCT Cornerstone Certifications Cornerstone Curriculum ID                                         Cornerstone Express Class ID
Complete BloodCount Analysis (CBC) SYSMEX XP-300



Point of Care CoaguChek


GEM 5000 Blood Gas Analyzer Learning Module and Quiz


Hemoglobin A1c Testing Using the DCA Vantage Analyzer



Manual Urinalysis using Siemens Multistix 10 SG



Manual Urinalysis using Chemstrip 10 with SG



Pathology Point of Care (POC) COVID PCR Test



Point of Care - Chemical Analyses using the I-Stat Analyzer



Point of Care Coagulation Test Using Hemochron Analyzers

Hemochron and Digibox (Hemochron Interface Users ONLY)


PATH-92073 (Online Class Only)



Point of Care Glucose Testing - Accu-Chek Inform II



PATH-62064 (On Hire ONLY)


Point of Care -Oxyhemoglobin Analysis Using Avoximeter 1000



Point of Care pH Determination Using NitraTest Paper



Point of Care Pregnancy Urine Test



Point of Care ROTEM Sigma Thromboelastometry Viscoelastic Test PATH-C92080


Point of Care Strep A Test using OSOM Strep A Kit



Point-of-Care Testing- Urine Specific Gravity using the ATAGO PAL-10S Refactrometer


ROM Plus- Detection of Amniotic Fluid in Vaginal Secretions of Pregnant Patients



Urinalysis using Clinitek Status + Analyzer & Multistix 10 SG



Point of Care Hemoccult



Point of Care- Urine Drug Screen iScreen cup



Point of Care HemoCue



Point of Care- Trichomonas

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Point of Care- Cholestech 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Point of Care- Piccolo Xpress

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

 Point of Care- Osmolality

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


For any Cornerstone related issues, reach out to HITS by submitting a ticket or calling 6-8000.