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Experimental Pathology Research Seminar Series


2023-24 Pathology Research Seminar Series

Fridays | 12 pm - 1 pm

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(Faculty/Student/External Guest)

Guest's Institution

Faculty Host


Seminar Title

9/1/23 Intro sessions for new students Dr. Tom Wilson U-M N/A *only 1st year students Giving Research Seminars
9/8/23 Sanjana Eyunni MCP student U-M Chinnaiyan   FOXA1 mutants pioneer enhancer programs of luminal hyperplasia or stemness in the mouse prostate
9/15/23 No Seminar          
9/22/23 Andrew Muntean MCP Faculty U-M N/A   Mechanisms of leukemia: Exploring epigenetic proteins and gene targets for therapeutic intervention
9/29/23 David Cho, MD, MPH External FDA Lukacs & Brad Carlson w/Michigan Center for Infectious Disease Threats (MCIDT) FDA's Preparedness Efforts Against Infectious Disease Threats
10/6/23 No Seminar          
10/13/23 Gabriel Griffin External Dana Farber Cancer Institute Ryan   Leukemia Evolution Through Space and Time
10/20/23 No Seminar          
10/27/23 Analisa DiFeo MCP Faculty U-M N/A   From Patients to Progress: Unraveling Innovative Ovarian Cancer Therapies through Tumor Analysis and Genetic Insights
11/3/23  No Seminar (MCP Symposium)          
11/10/23 Chang Kim MCP Faculty U-M N/A   Niche, development and mobilization of central innate lymphoid cells
11/17/23 Celina Kleer MCP Faculty U-M N/A   EZH2 coordinates nuclear and cytoplasmic functions to promote breast cancer progression
11/24/23 No Seminar (Holiday)          
12/1/23 Alec Monovich MCP student U-M Ryan   ETS Factor Imbalance and Active GGAA Repeat Enhancers Define ETV6::RUNX1 B-ALL
12/8/23 Roberta Caruso Internal U-M Hogan   Host-Pathobiont Interactions in Crohn's Disease
12/15/23 Jessica Teitel MCP student U-M DiFeo   Selective Chaos: Targeting High-Grade Serous Cancer through Myc-dependent Mitotic Catastrophe
12/22/23 No Seminar (Holiday)          
12/29/23 No Seminar (Holiday)          
1/5/24 No Seminar (Holiday)          
1/12/24 Cancelled (Due to Weather)          
1/19/24 Jolanta Grembecka MCP Faculty U-M N/A   Therapeutic targeting of epigenetic modifiers in leukemia
1/26/24 No Seminar (recruitment weekend)          
2/2/24 No Seminar (recruitment weekend)          
2/9/24 Gabrielle Rozumek MCP student U-M Prasov/Lieberman   C-Terminal Variants of MYRF Alter Retinal Pigment Epithelium Development
2/16/24 Alec Chu MCP student U-M Cieslik/Chinnaiyan   Integrated Proteogenomic and Metabolomic Characterization of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
2/23/24 Agamjot Sangotra MCP student U of Michigan Lieberman   Harnessing Protein Quality Control to Degrade Polyglutamine Androgen Receptor in Spinobulbar Muscular Atrophy
3/1/24 No Seminar (spring break)          
3/8/24 Kelly Whelan PhD External Temple University Hogan / Marella   Esophageal basal cells in health and disease
3/15/24 Noah Puleo MCP student U-M DiFeo    
3/22/24 --- -- --- ---    
3/29/24 Brian Basinski MCP student U-M Rao    
4/5/24 Mohamed Mire MCP student U-M Lukacs    
4/12/24 Koral Campbell MCP student U-M Qing Li/Muntean    
4/19/24 Kristen Lozada Soto MCP student U-M Nusrat/Parkos    
4/26/24 Joanna Lum MCP student U-M Venneti    
5/3/24 Maria "Ken" Figueroa External U. of Miami Grembecka    
5/10/24 Reuben Kapur External Indiana University Muntean / Campbell   The Role of Inflammation in Driving the Growth of Pre-Leukemic Cells
5/17/24 Janghoo Lim External Yale Lieberman   Determining neuron-glia interplay and molecular mechanisms in SCA1 neurodegeneration
5/24/24 Ismael Cabrera Silva MCP student U of Michigan Nusrat/Parkos