Congratulations, Class of 2023!

By Anastazia Hartman | June 5 2023

Before we welcome a new class this July, the Department of Pathology will celebrate our graduating house officers, fellows, and clinical instructors. “This year's graduating class will have a big impact on the field of pathology, patient care, and medical advancements," said Dr. Charles Parkos, Chair of Pathology. "Through their resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with a lot of flexibility and creativity, we are confident our graduates are ready to successfully navigate the challenges of pathology moving forward."

This year, eight residents, 12 fellows, and 10 clinical instructors will be graduating and beginning the next steps in their careers. 

Our graduating residents:

Batoul Aoun, DO: Dr. Aoun will join George Washington University to complete a Forensic Fellowship.

Geoffery Halling, MD: Dr. Halling will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Gynecologic Fellowship.

Ryan Landvater, MD: Dr. Landvater will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Neuropathology Fellowship.

Vincent Laufer, MD: Dr. Laufer will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Molecular Genetics Fellowship.

David Nai, MD: Dr. Nai will join the Medical College Wisconsin to complete a Hematopathology Fellowship.

Jaclyn Plotzke, MD: Dr. Plotzke will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Dermatopathology Fellowship.

Julianne Szczepanski, MD: Dr. Szczepanski will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Gastrointestinal Fellowship.

Katelyn Zebrowski, MD: Dr. Zebrowski will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Breast Pathology Fellowship.


Our graduating fellows:

Sadiq Alqutub, MD: Dr. Alqutub will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete his extended Forensic Fellowship.

Ashley Bradt, DO: Dr. Brandt will join Grand Traverse Pathology, LCC as a Pathologist within the Munson Health System in Traverse City.

Heather Chen-Yost, MD: Dr. Chen-Yost will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Thoracic Fellowship.

Efrain Gutierrez-Lanz, MD: Dr. Gutierrez-Lanz will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete a Surgical Pathology Fellowship.

Benjamin Kang, PhD, MBA: Dr. Kang will join Vanderbilt University as an Assistant Professor. 

Justin Kelley, MD: Dr. Kelley will join Vanderbilt University Medical Center as an Assistant Professor of Pathology.

Subhashree Mallika Krishnan, DO: Dr. Mallika Krishnan will join Beaumont/Corewell Health as the Director of Chemistry.

Nada Naiyer, MD: Dr. Naiyer will join Corewell Health as a Pathology Specialist in Grand Rapids, MI.

Suguna Narayan, MD, PhD: Dr. Narayan will stay at Michigan Medicine to complete an Informatics Fellowship.

Catherine Perez, MD: Dr. Perez will join Wayne State University and the Wayne County Medical Examiners Office.

Emile Pinarbasi, MD, PhD: Dr. Pinarbasi will stay at Michigan Medicine to finish her research within the Physician Scientist Training Pathway.

Jasmine Saleh, MD: Dr. Saleh will join Tareen Dermatology as a Dermatopathologist. 

Carli Whittington, MD: Dr. Wittington will join Indiana University as an Assistant Professor in the departments of pathology and dermatology.


Our graduating clinical instructors:

Fernanda Cordeiro-Rudinsky, MD: Dr. Cordeiro-Rudinsky will join the University of Florida as a Pathologist.

Sabina Desar, MBBS: Dr. Desar will stay at Michigan Medicine for a Gentitourianry Fellowship.

Margaret Fang, MD: Dr. Fang will join VA Ann Arbor Health Care as a Staff Pathologist.

Kathryn Gibbons, MD: Dr. Gibbons will join St. Vincent’s Hospital Toledo as a Staff Pathologist. 

Cisely Hines, MD: Dr. Hines will join East Carolina University Health Center as a Staff Pathologist. 

Xizobing Jin, MD, PhD: Dr. Jin will stay at the Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology as a Hospitalist and Assistant Professor.

Chaehwa Kim, MD: Dr. Kim will join Sparrow Hospital as a Staff Pathologist.

Sundis Mahmood, DO: Dr. Mahmood will join St. Luke’s University Network as a Junior Attending.

Will Perry, MD: Dr. Perry will stay at Michigan Medicine as a Head and Neck Fellow.

Alex Taylor, MD: Dr. Taylor will be moving to Columbia, Missouri to begin his career as a Pathologist with Boyce & Bynum.