Pay it Forward

By Lynn McCain | March 8 2023

An exciting opportunity is fast approaching: Giving Blueday! This is your chance to “pay it forward” to the next generation of trainees, researchers, and physicians.

Virtually every patient that crosses the threshold of Michigan Medicine also encounters the Department of Pathology. Every tube of blood, urine specimen, COVID test, biopsy, and more collected at Michigan Medicine comes through Pathology for testing and determination of diagnoses.

Patients of the future are impacted by our research faculty and staff as they diligently study a broad range of diseases and conditions impacting the patients of today, looking for possible treatments and cures. They are also impacted by our training programs, where pathologists are trained to accurately determine your diagnosis under the guidance of highly specialized and skilled mentors.

Residents chat during a conference funded by your generosity.For Giving Blueday, we encourage you to consider paying it forward in support of key initiatives in the Department of Pathology.

  1. Pathology Research Fund. Your gift to this fund will support faculty who are recognized as international leaders in diagnostic pathology, education, and research to continue their research efforts.
  2. Bertram Schnitzer, MD Lectureship Fund. Once funded, the Schnitzer Lectureship will enable hematopathologists who are renowned experts to provide guest lectures to our faculty and trainees, enhancing their education.
  3. Pathology Residents Research Fund. Our residents are among the best and the brightest in the world. Gifts to this fund enable them to undertake research projects during their training to help better understand diseases and disease progression, as well as uncover novel pathways that may lead to therapeutic solutions for patients.
  4. Pathology Junior Faculty Enhancement Fund. This fund is designed to enhance the development of our junior faculty in the areas of teaching, clinical research, service, administration, and overall professional development. Gifts to this fund will help our junior faculty learn and grow as they advance through their career.
  5. Pathology Fellowship Fund. Pathology Fellows are focused on becoming experts in a subspecialty area of Pathology. Gifts to this fund will enhance their ability to undertake a scientific investigation, pursue educational leadership development, and expand their clinical expertise as they prepare to launch their careers.

By supporting these funds, you are enhancing the training of our up-and-coming pathologists, improving the education of faculty from the earliest stages through senior levels, and providing for ongoing research as our faculty and trainees seek to find the underlying causes of disease and how to find means to improve outcomes for patients of today and tomorrow. If you have ever been a patient at Michigan Medicine, you have benefitted from our expertise. This Giving Blueday, be a Champion for Pathology and consider making a gift.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these giving options, estate gifts, or supporting any area of our mission, please reach out to Jason Keech at 734-763-0866 (office), 313-205-5133 (mobile) or