Transfusion Medicine Fellowship

Fellow Scholarly Activity

Elkins, M, Hemolysis with a Negative Eluate (Invited presentation) 2012 meeting of Michigan Association of Blood Bank; September 2012 

Elkins, M, Transfusion Reactions and Platelet Refractoriness (Invited presentation) Spring 2012 meeting of Michigan Chapter of American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science; April 2012

O’Malley BA, Cooling L, Davenport RD. Evaluation of serum tryptase in allergic transfusion reactions. AABB Annual Meeting, Baltimore, 2010

Elkins, M, “IVC filter and haptoglobin level” 2009 AABB Annual Meeting; October 2009 – Poster Presentation

Arafenyi-Annan, A, Paulino, AF, "Abnormal Uterine Bleeding", Arch Path Lab Med, 2001 Oct;125(10):1389-90.

Smith, PL, Myers, JT, Rogers CE, Zhou L, Petryniak B, Becker DJ, Homeister JW, Lowe JB, "Conditional control of selectin ligand expression and global fucosylation events in mice with a targeted mutation at the FX locus", J Cell Biol, 2002 Aug 19;158(4):801-15. Epub 2002 Aug 19.