Cytopath Telepathology

This project provides live streaming video from our diagnostic reading/conference rooms for ad hoc participation by one or more pathologists at any workstation using an Internet browser.

Device Specifications
Currently nine rooms are setup for viewing. CVC, Cytopathology Domino Farms, Cytopathology UMHS, EAA, Flow Cytometry UMHS, Hematopathology UMHS, Main OR, Microbiology Lab, Mott OR,  are  setup with a Nikon DS-L2 control unit with a Nikon DS-Fi1 high speed color camera head or an Olympus DP72.

About the Nikon DS-Fi1 Camera
CCD: 2/3 inch high density CCD; 5.24 million pixels
Recordable Pixels: 2560 x 1920 pixels, 1280 x 960 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels
Live Display Modes: 2560 x 1920 (5.9 fps), 1280 x 960 (max 12 fps)

About the Nikon DS-L2 Control Unit
The controller allows for optimization of the attached camera. White balance and color correction is handled by the DS-L2 control unit. Allows for remote web viewing at 1280 x 960 pixel resolution at 12 fps. The controller supports measurements of angles, distance, area, and pitch. You can superimpose crosshairs, grid lines, alpha labels, and count markers. Remotely, you can capture an image and save it using your remote workstation, definitely an enhanced remote viewing experience.

CVC (Reading Room 4553) – Nikon Camera
It is located in CardioVascular Center (CVC) Rm 4553; nearest phone is 734.232.5190

Cytopathology Domino Farms – Olympus Camera

It is located in East Ann Arbor at Domino Farms Rm 3634; nearest phone is 734.936.5041

Cytopathology University Hosptial – Nikon Camera
It is located in Pathology in University of Michigan Hospital Rm 2F331; nearest phone is 734.936.6816

EAA Surgical Suite  - Nikon Camera
It is located in East Ann Arbor Amb Surgical and Med. Procedure Unit (EAA) Rm 1401; nearest phone is 734.232.0050

Flow Cytometry UMHS - Nikon Camera

It is located in UMHS Hematopathology Rm 2F355; nearest phone is 734.763.6552

Hematopathology UMHS – Nikon Camera

It is located in UMHS Hematopathology Rm 2F355; nearest phone is 734.936.6823

Main OR (Reading Room 1) – Nikon Camera
It is located in Reading Room 1 at the Main OR in University Hospital (UH) 1D354; nearest phone is 734.936.8175

Microbiology Scope – Nikon Camera
It is located in the back of microbiology in main hospital 2F461; nearest phone is 734.936.6831; contact person is Dr. Duane W Netwon (734.936.6847)

Mott OR- Nikon Camera

It is located in Mott Childrens OR;; nearest phone is 734.###.#### (under construction)

Other Notes
Only the video feed is provided. The audio portion is provided by calling the room using a phone. Providing (two way) voice over IP or switching to a video conferencing systems would be a natural advancement and could be provided at a later date.