Pathology Quality

Pathology will transform the patient experience.

What if patients could track the progress of their lab tests as easily as they track their pizza orders?

What if radiologists and pathologists integrated their diagnostic findings seamlessly, in a timely and understandable way?

What if pathologists were diagnostic managers who could assemble, supervise, and communicate a suite of tests aimed at establishing a difficult diagnosis in an individual patient?


Would our patients, families, and providers value these changes, so much so that they couldn’t imagine how they made do without them in the past? These are just some examples of the opportunities we in the Division of Quality and Health Improvement have been charged with exploring, evaluating, and executing in order to transform the patient experience at the University of Michigan Health System and beyond.

We draw upon our extensive experience in laboratory science, quality management, change management, information systems, and project management to bring such opportunities into the practice of medicine. We want to build a whole new box, not just to think outside the one we find ourselves in now. Want to build the future with us?