Michigan shines at annual meeting of USCAP!

By Jeffrey Myers | March 25 2019

The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) is considered by many the premier member organization for academic anatomic pathology and has long been important in the professional development of many of our trainees and faculty.  Michigan has always had a strong presence in this organization including multiple faculty who have played, and continue to play, leadership roles.  Next month this year’s President, Dr. Wendy Frankel (Kurtz Chair and Distinguished Professor of Pathology at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center), will hand off her leadership baton to our own Joel Greenson, currently President-Elect and the most recent in a long line of Presidents drawn from the ranks of our University of Michigan faculty.

Laura Lamps has a long and distinguished relationship with the USCAP, including as past-Chair of the Education Committee which does much of the work of putting together the annual meeting.  This year she received the F. K. Mostofi Award, a prestigious award given to a member of the academy who has selflessly provided outstanding service to the USCAP and the International Academy of Pathology.  In 2017 she was the recipient of the President’s Award, an award conferred at the sole discretion of the President for outstanding service to not only the Academy but the field of pathology at large.  Laura continues to serve in several important capacities for the USCAP and is currently Chair of the CME Subcommittee.

As highlighted on our website, numerous other faculty were splashed across the pages of the program that included the very important Companion Meetings immediately preceding the USCAP’s annual meeting.  Participating faculty included Aleodor (“Doru”) Andea who moderated the Long Course on Wednesday, traditionally the largest, most prestigious, and best attended the educational event at this week-long meeting which remains the largest gathering of physician-pathologists in the world!  Other faculty who participated in various ways in a range of events included Dave McClintockSandra Camelo-PiraguaHenry Appelman, Maria Westerhoff, Rohit Mehra, Rajiv Patel, Paul HarmsScott Tomlins, and Xiaoming (“Mindy”) Wang.

AppelmanIn addition to speaking at their Sunday morning annual meeting, giving a talk of the sort that only he can give, Henry Appelman received The President’s Award from the Arthur Purdy Stout Society.  More than any other member of our faculty Henry has been recognized with nearly every award ever given by relevant companion societies and the USCAP itself.  Henry has served as a previous President of the USCAP and has also received the prestigious Distinguished Pathologist Award (2014), the Maude Abbott Lecture (2010), and the Harvey Goldman Award (2011).

The USCAP meeting is also a great place to showcase the work of our talented trainees and this year was no exception!  Ellen East, Cody Carter, Shula Schechter, and Ashley Bradt were part of multiple presentations highlighting projects presented as posters and platform sessions.

My deepest apologies to anyone whose name was overlooked in this quickly compiled compendium of our departmental contributions to the success of this year’s annual meeting of the USCAP!

There are very few, if any, peer institutions with this sort of impact in the world of academic anatomic pathology.  That is what it means to be the place that others can only envy when it comes to excellence in all that you do!  Please join me in congratulating all of the brand ambassadors who showed up this week to represent the best of us, and thank all of those who stayed behind to care for patients so that their colleagues might be present for this important event.