U-M Represented at USCAP

By Dustin Johnston | March 7 2019

USCAP’s Annual Meeting begins on March 16, 2019, in National Harbor, Maryland and the University of Michigan Department of Pathology is scheduled to have another strong presence.

Our faculty, fellows, are residents will take part in Specialty Conferences, Platform Presentations, Evening Conferences, Special Courses, Poster Presentations, and more. Our day-by-day participation at the annual meeting includes:


March 16, 2019

David McClintock, MD, the President of the Association for Pathology Informatics, will take part in the Companion Society Meeting and will be presenting, “Requirements and Barriers for Adoption of Digital and Computational Pathology” from 7:40 PM – 8:15 PM in National Harbor 10.

Sandra Camelo-Piragua, MD, will also take part in the Association for Pathology Informatics Companion Society Meeting, presenting “Stimulated Raman Scattered Microscopy: A New Tool for Practicing Surgical Pathologists” from 9:25 PM – 10:00 PM.


March 17, 2019

Henry Appelman, MD, will take part in the Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists Companion Meeting, giving a presentation about Gastrointestinal Pathology at 11:15 AM – 11:40 AM in the Maryland Ballroom.

Maria Westerhoff, MD, will be moderating the Rodger Haggitt Gastrointestinal Pathology Society Companion Meeting, at 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM in Maryland Ballroom A/B. Laura Lamps, MD, will also be at the meeting, presenting “Iatrogenic and Infectious Mimics of Chronic Idiopathic Inflammatory Bowel Disease” from 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM.

Rohit Mehra, MD, will take part in the Companion Society Meeting for the Genitourinary Pathology Society, presenting “Contemporary Approach to The Work-Up of Renal Cell Carcinoma; Basic And New (Esoteric) Diagnostic Tools from 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM in National Harbor 12/13.

Joel Greenson, MD, will be presenting at the Gastrointestinal Pathology Evening Specialty Conference where the theme will be “I Was So Sure It Was That Until It Was Something Else.” The conference is in Maryland Ballroom A/B and Dr. Greenson will be presenting from 7:00 PM – 7:24 PM.

Rajiv Patel, MD, will be at the American Society of Dermatopathology Companion Meeting, sharing “Soft Tissue Tumors – An Update” in Chesapeake J/K/L. The meeting begins at 7:30 PM and will go until 10:30 PM.


March 18, 2019

Ellen East, MD, and Cody Carter, MD, will be at the Education Platform Presentation, sharing “#DailyDx: A Model for a Sustainable, Accessible Daily Digital Unknown Slide Series for Pathology Training and Continuing Education” from 11:30 AM – 11:45 AM in National Harbor 6/7. Laura Lamps, MD, will also be at the Education Platform Presentation, sharing “Quality Assessment And Improvement of USCAP Annual Meeting Educational Offerings: A Report of the USCAP Education Strategies Committee” from 11:15 AM – 11:30 AM.

Laura Lamps, MD, will take part in the Special Course, “How To Get Started And Succeed In Academics: Mistakes We Made And Wish We’d Known On Day One” in Chesapeake 8/9. Dr. Lamps will be presenting “Getting Started in the Department” from 1:30 PM – 2:25 PM.

Shula Schechter, MD, will participate in the Liver Platform Presentation, presenting “Autoimmune Hepatitis/Primary Biliary Cholangitis Overlap: Treatment Response and Histologic Correlates” from 2:15 PM – 2:30 PM in Maryland Ballroom A.

Aleodor Andea, MD, MBA, will be moderating the Dermatology Evening Specialty Conference from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM in National Harbor 10/11. In the same conference, Paul Harms, MD, PhD, will be presenting “Fantastic Beasts in Dermatopathology and How to Diagnose Them” Case 1 & 2, from 8:12 PM – 8:36 PM.

The University of Michigan Pathology Alumni Society will meet at 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM in Azalea 2.


March 19, 2019

Miguel Rufail, MD, PhD will be at the Breast Platform Presentation sharing “High Copy Number and Expression of RECQL4 and SDHC In Breast Tumors of Ghana Patients” from 11:00 AM – 11:15 AM in Maryland Ballroom C.

Xiaoming (Mindy) Wang, PhD, will be presenting at the Genitourinary Platform Presentation, sharing “A Novel Lineage and Cancer Specific Long Non-Coding RNA for Detection of Metastatic and Primary Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma” from 11:45 AM – 12:00 PM in Maryland Ballroom B.

Ashley Bradt, DO, will take part in the Dermatopathology Platform Session, presenting “Clinical Impact of SNP Microarray/FISH Molecular Studies in the Diagnosis of Ambiguous Melanocytic Tumors” from 2:15 PM – 2:30 PM in Maryland Ballroom A.


March 20, 2019

Aleodor Andea, MD, MBA, will moderate the Long Course, “Common Problems in Dermatopathology: A Survival Guide For The Practicing Pathologist” from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM in Maryland Ballroom C/D. In that Long Course, Rajiv Patel, MD, will present “Cutaneous Soft Tissue Tumors: Diagnostically Disorienting Epithelioid Tumors That Are Not Epithelial and Other Perplexing Mesenchymal Lesions” from 1:35 PM – 2:00 PM.

Scott Tomlins, MD, PhD, will be moderating Short Course 41, “From Base to Apex: The Past, Present and Future of Prostate Pathology” from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM in Chesapeake A/B.


March 21, 2019

Rajiv Patel, MD, will be moderating the Short Course 15 “Cutaneous Soft Tissue Tumors” from 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM in Maryland Ballroom 5/6.