Jiaqi Shi Awarded Grant from the National Cancer Institute

By Elizabeth Walker | December 11 2018

Jiaqi Shi, MD, PhD, has been awarded a K08 (Career Development Award) from the National Cancer Institute for her grant application, Linking epigenetic regulation and TGF-β signaling in pancreatic cancer. The award will allow for four years of funding, providing more protected research time to obtain preliminary data and publish her research in the field of epigenetics and pancreatic cancer biology.  

Shi will work closely with her primary mentor, the Department of Pathology’s Yali Dou, PhD, and co-mentors Professor of Radiation Oncology and Environmental Health Sciences, Mats Ljungman, PhD, and Associate Professor of Surgery and Cell and Developmental Biology, Marina Pasca di Magliano, PhD, with the overall goal of defining miR455-mediated novel cross-talk between TGF-β signaling pathway and epigenetic modification in PDAC progression and metastasis.