Welcome Reception Introduces New Trainees and Faculty

By Lynn McCain | October 6 2023

The Department of Pathology welcomed 7 new graduate students, 7 new residents, 10 new ACGME fellows, 10 new non-ACGME fellows/Clinical Instructors and 11 new faculty at its annual Welcome Reception on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Attendees had an opportunity to meet our new colleagues while enjoying a nice hors d'oeuvres buffet and a glass of wine. Dr. Charles Parkos, Chair of Pathology, briefly welcomed attendees then encouraged them to socialize and get to know one another. It was a well-attended and enjoyable event. Based on those we met, we have a tremendous new cohort of team members in Pathology! You can virtually meet them below.




Our New MCP Graduate Students

Michael Endow

Michael Endow
Aging Biology

Emma Kenna

Emma Kenna
Translational Cancer Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Garett Maag

Garett Maag

Paula Reichel

Paula Reichel
Gastrointestinal Diseases



Thandiwe-Kesi Robins

Thandiwe-Kesi Robins
Translational research in Neurosciences or Aging

Erika Ruskie

Erika Ruskie
Cancer Drug Development/Targeting

Zhao, Neil

Neil Zhao
Precision Health/
Translational Medicine





Daniel Alt 500 .jpg

Daniel Alt, MD, PhD

Christopher Henderson 500.jpg

Christopher Henderson

Herman, Meredith 500.jpg

Meredith Herman, DO

Jenelle Lee 500.jpg

Jenelle Lee, MD



Jacob Sorenson (2).jpg

Jacob Sorenson, MD, PhD

Orlando Quincoces 500.jpg

Orlando Quincoces, MD

Andrew Valesano (2).jpg

Andrew Valesano, MD, PhD




ACGME Fellows

Bayes, Matthew 500.jpg

Matthew Bayes, MD, MPH
Chemical Pathology

Becker, Nicole 500.jpg

Nicole Becker, MD

Hamnvag, Hans (2).jpg

Hans Magne Hamnvag, MD

Jnawali, Anup 500.jpg

Anup Jnawali, MBBS

Landvater, Ryan.jpg

Ryan Landvater, MD, MS

Vincent Laufer.jpg

Vincent Laufer, MD, PhD
Molecular and Genetic Pathology

Jaclyn Plotzke.jpg

Jaclyn Plotzke, MD

Reddy, Arjun 500.jpg

Arjun Reddy, MD, MBA
Molecular and Genetic Pathology

Schuler, Andrew.jpg

Andrew Schuler, MD

Wang, Mindy 500.jpg

Mindy Wang, PhD
Laboratory Genetics & Genomics




Non-ACGME Fellows / Clinical Instructors


Heather Chen-Yost, MD
Pulmonary & Thoracic Pathology


Sabina Desar, MBBS
Genitourinary Pathology


Efrain Gutierrez-Lanz, MD
Surgical Pathology


Suguna Narayan, MD, PhD


William Perry, MD, MPH
Head & Neck Pathology

Emile Pinarbasi 2.jpg

Emile Pinarbasi, MD, PhD
Neuropathology/PSTP Scholar

Julianne Szczepanski 2.jpg

Julianne Szczepanski, MD
Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Pathology

Tiware, Kriti.jpg

Kriti Tiwari, MBBS
Surgical Pathology

Torrez, Mary.jpg

Mary Torrez, MD
Surgical Pathology

Katelyn Zebrowski 2.jpg

Katelyn Zebrowski, MD
Breast Pathology





Nobuhiko Kamada.jpg

Nobuhiko Kamada, PhD
Associate Professor/EP

Ejaz Ahmad.jpg

Ejaz Ahmad, PhD
Research Assistant Professor/EP

Rouba Ali-Fehmi white coat (2).jpg

Rouba Ali-Fehmi, MD
Director Breast Pathology

Annette Kim 500.jpg

Annette Kim, MD, PhD
Professor and Division Director, Molecular and Genomic Pathology

Guang Huang (2).jpg

Guang Huang, PhD
Research Investigator/EP

Najor, Matt (2).jpg

Matthew Najor, PhD
Assistant Professor, Histocompatibility, Immunogenetics

Girton, Mark (2).jpg

Mark Girton, MD
Assistant Professor, Chemical Pathology, Hematopathology, Immunology

Zhai, Lidong white coat.jpg

Lidong Zhai, PhD, FACMG
Clinical Instructor, Clinical Immunogenetics, Special Chemistry, Biochemical Genetics

Jennifer Jones (2).jpg

Jennifer Jones, MD
Assistant Professor
Transfusion Medicine

Matthew Iyer.jpg

Matthew Iyer, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor - MCTP