Resident Justin Kelley Selected for CAP Quality Practices Committee

By Camren Clouthier | September 30 2021

Dr. Justin Kelley, a fourth-year resident at the Department of Pathology, was recently named to the College of American Pathology's Quality Practices Committee (QPC). Dr. Kelley will be formally introduced for the 2022 academic year.

According to the CAP website, the QPC's mission is "to develop customer-focused, scientifically-validated program monitors for documenting quality performance and outcome measures in laboratories, health care delivery systems, and accreditation programs; and to educate pathologists and the larger health care community about laboratory quality and outcome measures."

"In my first year of residency, I joined the House Officer Quality and Safety Council (HOQSC), which encouraged my work in quality and safety," explains Kelley. "I then completed the Health Equity and Quality Scholars Program (HEQSP) during my third year of residency, where I learned much more depth from hospital experts in quality improvement. I found a niche in healthcare in quality and safety, and took my experiences to quality improvement projects within the department. An example [of this] is updating the Blood Bank transfusion reaction form using the structured quality improvement process."

Dr. Kristine Konopka, former Director of the Residency Program remarks, "I want to commend Justin Kelley. He applied for and was selected among many candidates for this [prestigious] committee. 

"Appointment as a junior committee member in an organization as reputable as CAP provides a unique opportunity to develop as a leader in the field of pathology," describes Dr. Sara Abbott, Associate Director of the Residency Program. "We congratulate Justin on this significant achievement and know he will do an outstanding job in his new role!"

"I am fortunate to not only be recommended, but also accepted for the committee. I am eager to learn and continue to grow with my time on the committee beginning in 2022," Kelley says.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kelley on this terrific achievement!