Neuropathology Fellowship


9:30    Neuropathology Consensus Conference (weekly)
10:15  Fellows presentation (monthly)
1:00    Brain Cutting Conference (weekly)
9:00    Muscle/Nerve Conference (weekly)
7:00    Neurosurgery CPC (monthly)
9:30    Neuropathology Consensus Conference (weekly)
7:00    Brain Tumor Board (weekly)
2:00    CNS Precision Medicine (monthly)
Resident/Fellow Education Series (8:00 am):
  • Career and Professional Development - Monday
  • Laboratory Management Tuesday
  • Clinical Perspectives - Thursday

Neuropathology 858 (Tuesday 6-8 pm. Fall session)
Fellows are encouraged to attend this neuropathology fall course. This intensive laboratory-lecture course featuring virtual slides is targeted for house officers and fellows in Pathology and in the several clinical services involved in the study of the central nervous system. This course serves as a foundation of different aspects of basic neuropathology and is thought by our neuropathology faculty.
All Staff QI Meetings (Every 3 months)
QI meetings are a great opportunity for the fellow to learn, train and present projects related to quality improvement and patient safety. Quality and patient centered service is central in our institution.