Muntean Lab

Our Team


Andrew G. Muntean, PhD

Principal Investigator


Marisa C. Hildebrandt

Lab Manager

B.S. in biology from Eastern Michigan University

Project: General management of the lab and assisting her colleagues with their experiments.  Management of the overall mouse colony and in vivo experimentation.

Interests: Marisa's interests outside of the lab include learning new languages, theoretical physics, and tabletop RPGs.


Nirmalya Saha

Post-doctorate fellow

B.S. and M.S. from Bangalore University, India.  Ph.D. from Wayne State University.

Project: Determining the role of the PAF1c subunit, Cdc73, in normal hematopoietic stem cell development using genetic mouse models.

Interests: When not in the lab, Nirmalya loves traveling and baking.


James Ropa

Graduate student, pursuing a doctoral degree in molecular and cellular pathology

B.S. in biochemistry from Notre Dame

Project: Identification and characterization of novel protein-protein interactions that regulate the PAF1c transcription/epigenetic factor complex.

Interests: Outside of the lab, his interests include running and climbing.


Lynn Chen

Undergraduate student

Project: Discovery of novel PAF1c protein interactions


Blaine Teahan

Undergraduate student

B.S. in biochemistry from Brandeis University

Project: Evaluating epigenetic landscapes in normal and leukemic cells.