Molecular Diagnostics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the acceptable specimen type to send for solid tumor testing? 

Answer: Tissue in paraffin (block).  Tissue on slides is also acceptable. When sending slides please submit an H&E, 5 – 10 blanks at 10 microns each, Do Not Bake, and not decalcified.  

When is it acceptable to send blood or bone marrow for BRAF testing?

Answer:  When the patient has a hematologic malignancy (Hairy Cell Leukemia).  Do not send blood or bone marrow sample for Melanoma.


What volume of blood is needed for most PCR assays?
Answer: 3 ml


What type of tube should a blood sample be drawn in for a PCR assay?
Answer: The preferred anticoagulant is EDTA (purple top). We will accept any anticoagulated specimen, however heparinized samples can inhibit PCR reactions.


What is the turn-around time for Molecular testing?
Answer: 2-10 business days for PCR assays, 1-3 weeks for Southern analysis.