Hematopathology Fellowship Program



In order to enhance the study of Hematopathology including Flow Cytometry, Molecular Diagnostics as related to Hematology, neoplastic and non- neoplastic hematology, the Hematopathology Fellows choose, analyze, present and lead a discussion on interesting/informative hematopathology cases on a regular basis. This process also enhances the presentation skills of the HP fellows.

Powerpoint  case presentations are typically given at the HP Educational conference and include a brief description of the clinical aspects of the case, followed by the pathology findings, a differential diagnosis and then a discussion of the pathologic process. Information is imparted and current articles are sited in reference to the case being represented. The presentation then culminates in a summation and brief question/answer session. Case presentations are 20-25 minutes in duration.

Examples of HP Fellow case presentations can be found below: 

       Fellow Presentation Case 1



       Fellow Presentation Case 2



       Fellow Presentation Case 3