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Clinical Pathology Symposium

April 16, 2024
Cardiovascular Canter / Danto Auditorium

Meet the Future of Pathology
We invite you to attend the 12th Clinical Pathology Symposium. The symposium is for all pathology faculty and medical laboratory professionals and includes an amazing program of topics that will be interesting to everyone. We hope that you find the symposium a rewarding and educational experience that you can share with your colleagues.


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Speakers & Topics

Communicating When There is Potential for Conflict


Cherie Petersen
Distance Education Program Coordinator
ARUP Laboratories Institute for Learning

Managing conflict is typically not ranked as a superpower among laboratory professionals; in fact, the very avoidance of conflict makes a healthcare career in laboratory medicine appealing.  With that said, the potential for conflict exists, and avoiding it isn’t feasible.  We’ll explore an easy three-part strategy to instill greater confidence and facilitate more satisfying outcomes when managing conversations where there’s the potential for conflict.  Basic level of instruction, 1 contact hour. (PATH-46100)

Event Objective:

  • Utilize a simple strategy for managing the potential for conflict. 
  • Apply the concepts of accepting personal responsibility, showing vulnerability, and acting with humility when managing conflict. 
  • Identify points of common agreement while creating a safe environment for addressing potential conflict. 

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An AML Case Study: Connecting the Patient Experience, Laboratory Diagnostics, and Stem Cell Transplant


Riccardo Valdez, MD
Clinical Pathology Division Director
Michigan Medicine


Mark Girton, MD
Attending Hematopathologist and Assistant Professor of Pathology
Michigan Medicine


Jensyn Cone Sullivan, MD
Attending Transfusion Medicine Physician and Assistant Professor of Pathology
Michigan Medicine

Laboratory medicine and pathology play an essential role in patient care. However, because their medical specialty is not directly patient-facing, clinical laboratory professionals do not usually get the opportunity to witness the relevance of their work once tests are completed and presented to the patient by direct care providers. This presentation will follow the clinical care and diagnostic process from the perspective of the patient and direct care provider experience. Laboratory technologies such as routine microscopy, flow cytometry, and molecular diagnostics will be discussed. In addition, topics relevant to the care of patients with hematopoietic disease such as blood product support and transplant registries will be briefly reviewed. Basic level of instruction, 1 contact hour. (PATH-46200)

Event Objective:  

  • Relate the patient and oncologist experience to laboratory diagnostics.
  • Describe the laboratory medicine and pathology processes involved in the diagnosis of hematopoietic diseases. 
  • Review the types of stem cell transplants and how recipients and donors are matched through lab techniques and the use of registries. 
  • Highlight the importance of blood product donation by showing the relevance to the patient presentation.  

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AI and Data Analytics in Support of Laboratory Medicine at Michigan Medicine—Current Capabilities and Future Directions


Ulysses Balis, MD
Director of Division of Pathology Informatics and Director of Computational Pathology
Michigan Medicine


Lee Schroeder, MD, PhD
Director of Point-of-Care-Testing and Associate Director of Chemical Pathology
Michigan Medicine

Resistance is futile!  Everyone is talking about AI - Artificial Intelligence.  But what does it mean for the Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology?  In this talk, we will identify the general classes of AI tools and methodologies that enable data analytics and machine learning, and examine what is currently available and what is coming to the department.  Several examples of interactive web-deployed tools will be interactively showcased.  Basic level of instruction, 1 contact hour. (PATH-46300)

Event Objective:  

  • Identify the general classes of tools and methodologies that enable the deployment of machine learning solutions. 
  • Describe tools and diagnostic assays currently available within the Department of Pathology. Explain generative AI

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Blood Stem Cell Registry

During our symposium, NMDP is running a stem cell registry donor drive that will take place between presentations. Learn more about them by visiting

The Clinical Pathology Symposium is a continuing education and networking event sponsored by the Department of Pathology.

Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E.® Program.

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Planning Committee

Karen Barron, Allied Health Education
Lauren Branson, Pathology Administration
Kathleen Gray, Transfusion Medicine
Anastazia Hartman, Pathology Communications
Kristina Martin, Clinical Pathology Operations Director

Scott La Dell, Transfusion Medicine
Lynn McCain, Pathology Communications
Andrea Parkinson, Histocompatibility
Alexis Snyder, Necropsy

Andrew Szczembara, Point of Care Testing
Brent Temple, Pathology Informatics & Communications
Ric Valdez, Professor, and Director of Clinical Pathology
Carol Young, Microbiology