The Epic Bugsy Application is an Asset

By Cybill Starr | March 4 2020

The Epic Bugsy Application went live June 3rd with no major issues and under budget. Although this application is used mainly by the Infection Prevention team within MiChart, it relies heavily on Microbiology/Virology data. MiChart is the fully integrated, patient-centric electronic health record system used by over 30,000 members of the Michigan Medicine community.

The Epic Bugsy Application team included efforts from Michelle Garrasi and Aaron Smith from the Microbiology/Virology lab, Bill Hubbard and Eric Jedynak from Pathology Informatics and Cybill Starr, MiChart Bugsy Analyst. The group worked collaboratively to configure the application. There was a fair amount of Microbiology testing that had to be done, and several of the Microbiology Molecular panels had to be made discrete to allow for thorough reporting.

The Bugsy Application:

  • Automates Infection populations on patients with abnormal results while also allowing for patient data to be evaluated to determine if the patient requires Isolation (if the patient is bedded in certain areas or has certain chart documentation)
  • Gives Infection Prevention a heads-up dashboard with daily counts of patients who have been identified by the lab as having certain organisms
  • Allows for automated tracking of surgical patients for surgical site infection (SSI) reporting
  • Breaks out microbiology data based on patient populations
  • Evaluates microbiology data against lines, drains, and airways (LDA) documentation to identify patients who may have possible catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) or central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI) events
  • Allows for the creation and abstraction of Infection cases in MiChart which can then be easily uploaded to the NHSN (Center for Disease Control’s reporting website)
  • Streamlines reporting of patients with positive results to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
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