9th Clinical Pathology Symposium

By Elizabeth Walker | April 25 2018

Dr. Keren with Batsakis Lecturer, Dr. Faix The 9th Clinical Pathology Symposium was held on Monday, April 23rd and offered and opportunity for Department of Pathology faculty and staff to earn continuing education credits. 

Attendees learned about transgender medicine, including implications on lab results and concepts of gender identity, from Daniel E. Shumer, MD, MPH. Dr. Shumer is Assistant Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology at Michigan Medicine's Pediatric Multispeciality Clinic.  

The symposium also featured a Multiple Myeloma Round Table with The Department of Pathology's Lina Shao, PhD and David F. Keren, MD, and Craig E. Cole, MD of the Department of Internal Medicine. The presentations described the clinical laboratory tests used to diagnose, stage, and monitor treatment of Multiple Myeloma, defined clinical classifications of the disease, and explained strategies for managing relapse. 

The event concluded with the 2nd Annual Batsakis Lecture. James D. Faix, MD, Director of Clinical Chemistry and Immunology at Montefiore Medical Center who presented, Anti-Nuclear Antibody Testing: It Ain't Easy Being Green. Dr. Faix's talk contrasted methods used to screen for the presence of anti-nuclear antibodies as well as outlined issues which may produce false-negative results for anti-nuclear antibody testing. It also described usefulness for a variety of specific assays for individual anti-nuclear antibodies.

The 10th Clinical Pathology Symposium will be held in September.