New Features Added to Departmental Website

By Brent Temple | December 8 2017

A split view of the "mega-menus" that are a part of the recent update to our website. The division information (on the left), and the resources (on the right).The Department of Pathology’s Web Team, in close communication with the department’s division directors and the Office of the Chair, recently made an update to a more information-rich navigation within what we call a “mega-menu”. The mega-menu brings an overview about a division, its directors, and contact information, along with frequently used links, to the forefront. This means fewer clicks between you and the information you are seeking. 

You’ll also notice a brand-new feature: our “resources” tab. We heard your requests to bring the links to your most-used tools to the top of our page and created this new tab to do just that. It’s categorized for easy use.

Additionally, we’ve included links to our Facebook and Twitter page in our resources tab. Did you know that the department is on social media?  If you haven’t already, we encourage you to visit our page and "like" or "follow" us. We have been sharing news from our department, along with videos, and our most recent #DailyDX and #CaseoftheWeek to allow faculty and student alike to test their knowledge on the diagnosis of a slide.

We continue to make improvements to our website and, in the coming months, will launch more new features to add even more value to the user experience.