10th Clinical Pathology Symposium

By Kristina Martin | 10 January

April 22, 2019 | 11am-2pm

NCRC Research Auditorium/Building 10

We invite you to be a part of the Clinical Pathology Symposium. We hope that you find the symposium a rewarding and educational experience that you can share with your colleagues. 


G. Scott Winder, MD, and Carmen Gherasim, PhD, presenting Clinical and Laboratory-Based Approaches for Assesment of Alcohol Use Disorders 

Steven W. Pipe, MD, and Michael Callaghan, MD, presenting The Shifting Paradigms for Hemophilia Treatment

and the 3rd Annual Batsakis Lecture - Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigations in Michigan: Notes from the Field presented by Justin Henderson, MPH

Click for full schedule and details. 

Clinical Pathology Symposium Planning Committee: Andrea Arlen, Lisa Brown, Amy Drouillard, Sean Li, Lindsay Kochan, Usha Kota, Kristina Martin, Janelle McCoy, Jill Russell, Linda Perry, Cathy White, and Carol Young.

Questions or comments can be directed to members of the Clinical Pathology Symposium Planning Committee or by calling Kristina Martin: ph. 734-615-8863 | e: martkris@med.umich.edu


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