Apheresis Unit Celebrates Opening on January 19, 2024

By Anastazia Hartman | January 25

As the long-term Pathology Renovation and Relocation project nears completion, the opening of the new Apheresis unit in the University Hospital is one of the last major renovations to be completed. 

Apheresis Open House“This was truly a collaborative design and construction effort spanning many years,” said Christine Baker, Project Manager of the PRR project. “It was an extraordinary effort with a multi-disciplinary team, including nursing staff, faculty, designers, equipment planners, and logistics experts. The result is an optimized and beautiful patient care suite." 

This space was important and exciting for faculty, staff, and patients alike as the previous Apheresis space was not ideal for such a unique patient care area.

“The results of this years-long project are stunning! Our original 7-bed unit was cramped, lacked proper storage for supplies, and offered little in the way of patient privacy,” said Michael Meade, Apheresis Service Supervisor. “Our new 10-bay unit comes with a dedicated clean supply room, an updated patient bathroom, and both patient privacy and staff line-of-sight to treatments from the central nursing station.  Two thumbs up from patients, visitors, and staff!”

During the January 16, 2024, open house, Department of Pathology faculty and staff gathered to explore and enjoy the new space before the team's official moving date on January 19th and to hear Dr. Charles Parkos, Chair of the Department of Pathology express his gratitude for those who worked hard to bring the PRR project to life.