Pathology Supports and Applauds C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

By Lynn McCain | July 11 2023

Best Childrens Hospital.jpgC.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at Michigan Medicine has proudly earned the title of the #1 Children’s Hospital in Michigan. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to the dedicated healthcare providers, staff, and trainees at Mott who have played a pivotal role in achieving this distinction. This remarkable level of care at Mott is made possible by the expert support of a world-class Pathology department, which the Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology exemplifies as one of the leading academic pathology departments globally.

What are the essential attributes of a world-class Pathology department? There are five key qualities that position us among the Leaders and the Best.

  1. Expert Faculty and Staff. The Department of Pathology is home to about 160 knowledgeable and skilled faculty members who are leaders in their fields. They contribute to research, teaching, and patient care and their expertise elevates the department’s reputation. The complex caseload from Michigan Medicine and referring providers from across the world have honed our faculty into subject matter experts who are widely recognized for their expertise. Our faculty work collaboratively with more than a thousand dedicated staff including skilled clinical laboratory scientists as well as administrative and operational support staff who are fundamental to the success of the high-quality laboratory services that are key to the care of our pediatric patients.
  2. Research Excellence. Home to 40 research laboratories focused on cancer biology, molecular and genomic pathology, development and DNA repair, aging, bioinformatics, inflammation and immunology, mucosal inflammation and epithelial pathobiology, and neuropathology, the cutting-edge research conducted in the Department of Pathology advances the field and contributes to scientific knowledge, including the discovery of new drugs and therapeutics to aid in patient care. Our department is ranked 8th in NIH funding in the nation.
  3. Education and Training. As an exceptional academic pathology department, we are known for our outstanding education and training programs for clinical residents and fellows and for research-focused graduate students, physician-scientists, and postdoctoral fellows. Clinical trainees experience well-structured yet flexible curricula, mentorship, and access to an immense and diverse range of clinical cases enabling our clinical trainees to develop strong diagnostic skills and a deep understanding of pathology. Our research trainees work with some of the top mentors and faculty in the world as they pursue graduate degrees in our Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program or advance through a postdoctoral fellowship. Our clinical laboratories provide internships for medical laboratory professionals in training in the Allied Health fields. All members of the department are encouraged to become life-long learners, attending conferences, symposia, taking classes, and engaging with online learning opportunities.
  4. Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity. Pathology intersects with every medical specialty and our department fosters collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches, collaborative research, joint conferences, and multidisciplinary teams both within the institution and with colleagues globally. This focus on collaboration enables our faculty and trainees to develop a comprehensive understanding of disease processes and facilitates improved patient care.
  5. State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technology. The Department of Pathology is currently completing a massive relocation and renovation project including 46,000 sq ft of renovated hospital space and relocation of many faculty and staff to 140,000 sq ft of newly constructed space designed using Lean tools and principles and equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Renovation of our core laboratory space at the University Hospital includes large cutting-edge automation lines complete with new state-of-the-art instruments. Digital pathology and AI-assisted diagnostics are emerging opportunities to take advantage of advanced technologies to better serve our patients.

We take immense pride in our department and the integral role it plays in delivering exceptional patient care. Furthermore, we are thrilled to have been able to support C. S. Mott Children's Hospital in its journey to becoming the top-ranked Children's Hospital in Michigan.