Blood Drawing Experience Featured in The Pathologist

By Brent Temple | November 10 2022

Image provided by The Pathologist.For many of us, the idea of having blood drawn can be an unnerving thought. The use of needles and the sight of blood itself is not something we look forward to. However, Michigan Medicine has made several measures over the years to help the experience of our patients when needing to draw blood; especially young children. Recently featured on the website of The Pathologist, an article highlights these measures taken to enhance the patient experience during sampling procedures. 

Included is an interview with Sandra Merkel, Julie Piazza, and Michele Mitchell—all of which are specialists working with the University Michigan Health System. They answer questions such as the role phlebotomists and technicians play in ensuring patient comfort, what factors affect the patient experience, and what information patients and families should receive regarding these roles.

Read the article HERE.