Dr. Jeffrey Myers Selected for the ASCP Mastership Award

By Lynn McCain | September 10 2022

The American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) recently announced that our very own Dr. Jeffrey Myers, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs and Quality and Director of Michigan Medicine Laboratories was selected for the prestigious 2022 ASCP Mastership Award.

This award recognizes distinguished members of the ASCP who have made significant contributions to the field of pathology and laboratory medicine and to the ASCP. This is an exclusive title accorded to an elite few and is recognized as a noteworthy sign of distinction in the pathology and laboratory fields. Dr. Myers will be presented with this award during the ASCP’s 100th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, September 9, 2022.

Dr. Liron Pantanowitz, Director of Anatomic Pathology describes Myers as a “brilliant, creative, visionary, collaborative, and kind leader and mentor who always puts patients first. His efforts that directly link pathologists to patients in our department, and engage patients in personalized care, have been transformational not only to patients, but also for their pathologists and our pathology trainees.”

An example of his leadership style was related by Dr. Sandra Camelo-Piragua, Associate Professor of Neuropathology. She told of how a patient specimen had been lost and after an exhaustive search, Dr. Myers rolled up his sleeves and began digging through the dumpsters in an effort to find it. “That action left a mark on me and showed me his seriousness and commitment to patient care. Dr. Myers demonstrated and inspired others to follow.”

Myers influence did not stop at the borders of the department but extended throughout Michigan Medicine and beyond. “In my time in healthcare, I have never seen a leader more passionate about ‘raising the bar’ of quality with a clear purpose to do what’s best for patients and families, while taking the time to better understand their values, needs, and preferences,” stated Molly Dwyer-White, MPH, from the University of Michigan’s Caswell Diabetes Institute. “His focus on inclusivity, collaboration, transparency, and holding systems accountable for the people they are intended to serve has been a needed balm on an industry that has sometimes struggled to modernize and optimize for the right reasons.”

Anne F. Buckley, MD, PhD, Director of Muscle and Nerve Pathology at Duke University Health System added that Dr. Myers has been a leader in the area of patient-centered pathology and that he has made valuable contributions to the field. “He is completely committed to this work and is a source of encouragement and energy to all who work in this sphere. He is a valued mentor, an inspiration to me, and a marvelous example of the benefits of thinking big and planning for the long-term when trying to make changes that benefit our profession and the entire community we serve.”

“Through his engagement with the profession, Jeff has extended his skills to practicing pathologists and trainees across the world as well as introduced process improvements to laboratories with significant benefit to staff and patients,” concluded Dr. Charles Parkos, Chair of Pathology. “His upbeat and positive attitude offers continual encouragement to those around him.”

I am deeply humbled by this prestigious award," responded Myers. "I am especially grateful for all that my Patient and Families Advisory Council Co-Chair, Michele Mitchell, and department of pathology colleagues and co-workers invested in submitting my nomination, and to the ASCP for providing me the opportunities to contribute to an interdisciplinary global organization that nurtures so many in our professions."

Mitchell, who spearheaded the nomination, summed up all of our thoughts on the news of this award, “This is wonderful news! Congratulations, Jeff – you certainly deserve it!”