Dr. Chisa Yamada Recognized by AABB

By Camren Clouthier | August 24 2021

The Department of Pathology's Dr. Chisa Yamada was recently highlighted by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) in their August newsletter, entitled White Coats. Dr. Yamada currently serves as an associate professor of pathology, as well as the medical director of apheresis and the associate medical director for transfusion medicine.

In the exclusive interview, Dr. Yamada addresses many topics, including how she settled on a career within transfusion medicine, her research within pediatric blood exchange, what changes she envisions to blood banking in the future, and her greatest personal milestones. "[When] I started in transfusion medicine, I fell in love with the work," she says. "I love the good balance of patient care and laboratory work."

Asked about her involvement specifically with the pediatric transfusion medicine subsection, Dr. Yamada candidly described why it peaked her interest. "Children have different physiologic, hematologic and immunologic systems, so they react differently to therapeutic interventions, including blood transfusions," she explains. "There are numerous issues that should be considered when transfusions for pediatric patients are needed."

Ahead in the discussion, Dr. Yamada reflects on her career in pathology, first referencing her education in Japan and later detailing a particularly fulfilling personal achievement. "The biggest triumph of my career has been the network of colleagues I have developed," she shares. "It has been a pleasure meeting, collaborating with and getting to know many great people in transfusion medicine worldwide."

The full publication of White Coats is available on the AABB website later this month.