Department Welcomes 2021 Fellows and Clinical Instructors

By Camren Clouthier | August 9 2021

This month, the Department of Pathology proudly welcomed its new group of 2021 fellows and clinical instructors! Some are familiar faces from the department's residency program, and we're happy to have them continue with us. The newer fellows that are joining us come from many different places around the country. Please join us in welcoming them all to the department as we look forward to working with each one of them.


Kathryn Gibbons

Kathryn Gibbons, MD

Michael Huang

Michael Huang, MD

Xiaobing Jin

Xiaobing Jin, MD, PhD

Benjamin Kang

Benjamin Kang, PhD
Laboratory Genetics and Genomics

Ania Owczarczyk

Ania Owczarczyk, MD, PhD

Emile Pinarbasi

Emile Pinarbasi, MD, PhD

Mohammed Saad

Mohammed Saad, MBBS

Behzad Salari

Behzad Salari, MD

Erica Vormittag-Nocito

Erica Vormittag-Nocito, MD
Molecular Genetic Pathology

Eleftherios Vouyoukas

Eleftherios Vouyoukas, MD
Forensic Pathology

Clinical Instructors

Preeti Behl

Preeti Behl, MD
Surgical Pathology

Ashley Bradt

Ashley Bradt, MD
Surgical Pathology

Fernanda Carolina Cordeiro-Rudnisky

Fernanda Carolina Cordeiro-Rudnisky, MD
Surgical Pathology

Cisley Hines

Cisley Hines, MD
Surgical Pathology (August 26th)

Chae Hwa Kim

Chae Hwa Kim, MD
Thoracic Pathology

Lucy Ma

Lucy Ma, MD
Gynecologic Pathology

Sundis Mahmood

Sundis Mahmood, DO
Breast Pathology 

Douglas Rottmann

Douglas Rottmann, MD
Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

Chelsea Styles

Chelsea Styles, MD
Gastrointestinal Pathology

Alex Taylor

Alexander Taylor, MD
Genitourinary Pathology