Dr. Farkash Featured on 'PathPod' Podcast

By Camren Clouthier | May 15 2020

The Department of Pathology's Evan Farkash, MD, PhD, was featured on the May 14 episode of the PathPod Podcast. Along with other experts, Dr. Farkash discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and its relationship to renal pathology.

Dr. Farkash explained his involvement in researching and understanding kidney dysfunction in a single autopsy case in which the initial patient had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

"There are several mechanisms for the kidney injury that have been proposed, one of them is direct infection. We think this is mechanistically plausible because the kidneys are rich in ACE2 receptors and we wanted to see if direct infection of the kidney was occurring," he states.

He goes on to describe the overall look over the SARS-CoV-2 virus using electron microscopy and similarly, how it replicates in the cytoplasmic space, rather than in the nuclear space.

"It looks a lot like what most are seeing in the newspaper reports or on the CDC's website. There are circular oval forms which are between 60-90 nm in diameter. They have a lucent area in the center and have the small spikes that you see on the outside."

Farkash concluded by commenting on why he selected pathology as a career, stating that working in a clinical rotation, examining slides, and grossing specimens are what led him to pursue a role as a pathologist.

"I was excited every morning to go into the hospital to look at slides. I always wanted to gross additional cases and additional specimens, sometimes more than they would let me. I stayed later than some of the residents looking at cases in the afternoons. I realized I was excited every day to go in and learn more about pathology."

The full episode of the PathPod Podcast is accessible here.