After 38 Years, Jeanette Jeffreys Retires

By Lidija Fremeau | November 21 2019

Jeanette JeffreysAt 23 years old, Jeanette Jeffreys just knew she would work for the University of Michigan “forever.” She was hired by Suzanne Butch to work for the Department of Pathology Blood Bank. When her job was going to be eliminated by a computer, she was asked to stay on in the Pathology Office. From there she hopped into working for Pathology Administration Support, where she’s been for the past 34 years.

Regarding her professional performance, Tom Morrow says, “Jeanette has been the consummate team player. For over 35 years, she has been our ‘go-to’ person, taking on the toughest assignments, never complaining and never dropping the ball.”

During her 38-year career in the Department of Pathology, Jeanette has made countless friends and gotten to know her workmates well. In particular, one named Tom Jeffreys, with whom she has been happily married for the past 32 years.

When asked if there were any people who have impacted her career, Jeanette had several names to list; her coworkers who made her laugh, (Beverly Smith, Lisa Brown) and those who have been immeasurably supportive (Rebecca Roberts, Beverly Schumann, Deb Jansen, Peggy Otto, sister-in-law Lisa Taulbee). She recalled Dr. Killen as going beyond the call of duty when Jeannette’s father was a University Hospital patient years ago, “Dr. Killen came to my office every day to make sure that I understood what was going on with my dad’s care. I could ask him any questions, but mostly, he reassured me that my dad was going to be fine. And he was.”

Jeanette retires with a long list of great memories and friends. The feeling is mutual. Peggy Otto says, “Jeanette is always smiling. She is one of the most helpful, kind, and understanding people. She is always willing to go above and beyond. I am lucky to call her a good friend – now and always!” While Jeanette will miss seeing people daily, she does plan to keep up with everyone on Facebook.

Coworkers and friends gathered on Wednesday, November 20th, to send Jeanette off with cake and warm wishes. Christine Rigney couldn't let Jeanette go without saying, "We always measure a team member's value by their individual contributions, productivity, knowledge base, expertise, and how efficiently they work. Jeanette is exemplary by all of those measures. What makes her a valuable team member goes beyond those and include her personal values and conduct. She is such a perfect example of patience and persistence, kindness, and practical wisdom. By her example, she has lifted our team up and without knowing, taught us by her example! I can’t think of a better legacy to leave behind."

During retirement, Jeanette will joyfully “spend time with my husband, super-close family of siblings, in-laws, and nieces and nephews who all love to get together, play board games, play cards, go camping, go to baseball games, go fishing, or anything we can do outdoors.” A retirement celebration/family vacation is planned for early 2020.

We send Jeannette off with the very best wishes for a peaceful retirement. She will most certainly be missed.