Kathleen Cho, MD, Receives R01 Grant for Ovarian Cancer Research

By Elizabeth Walker | January 9 2019

Dr. Kathleen Cho received a five-year R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to continue her work in ovarian cancer research. High-grade serous carcinoma, or HGSC, is both the most common and most deadly form of “ovarian” cancer, although it is now believed that most HGSCs arise in the fallopian tubes, not in the ovaries. Research using mouse models indicates the risk of developing HGSC may be reduced by use of oral contraceptives, surgical sterilization via fallopian tube removal (oophorectomy), or following multiple pregnancies.

To further test these factors, the Cho Laboratory created a new mouse model and will use the grant funds to determine if these models show promise for human clinical trials.