Drs. Rabah and Heider Play Instrumental Role in International Meeting

By Elizabeth Walker | October 25 2018

Presenters of “What is New in Pediatric Tumors” from left to right: Co-Chair Miguel Reyes Mugica, Chair Raja Rabah, Hunaina Al-Kindi,Pierre Russo, Sura Rawabdeh, Adrian Charles, Amer Heider, Nandita Kakkar, and Gordan Vujanic Pediatric Pathologists, Dr. Raja Rabah and Dr. Amer Heider, traveled to Jordan for the XXXII Congress of the International Academy of Pathology (IAP) and the XXX Congress of the Arab Division of IAP. The meetings were held in collaboration with the Jordanian Society of Pathology from October 14 – 18 at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center, Dead Sea.

Rabah participated as an international organizer of the events and chaired five of the long course and seminar sessions. During the two-day pediatric pathology portion of the Congress, Rabah and Heider also participated in several oral presentations and case discussions. The duo will host the Society for Pediatric Pathology’s Fall Meeting 2018 here at home in Ann Arbor October 25 – October 28.