Dermpath Faculty contribute to New Edition of WHO Textbook

By Elizabeth Walker | October 22 2018

Primary cutaneous Ewing sarcoma. Membraneous CD99 immunoreactivity. Photo courtesy of Dr. Rajiv Patel.The Fourth Edition of the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Skin Tumours has been released. Edited by David E. Elder, Daniela Massi, Richard A. Scolyer, and Rein Willemze, the book contains content contributed by the Department of Pathology’s Drs. Aleodor Andea, Douglas Fullen, Lori Lowe, and Rajiv Patel.

The book’s first chapter, Keratinocytic/epidermal tumours, contains information on basal cell carcinomas by Patel. Chapter two highlights melanocytic tumors and Lowe provides text on Meyerson nevus and metastatic melanoma while Fullen shares details about blue nevus and cellular blue nevus including melanocytic tumors arising in blue nevus.

In chapter five, Soft tissue tumours, Andea provides details of superficial fibromatosis while Patel details spindle cell/pleomorphic lipoma, nevus lipomatosus superficialis, fibromas, angioleiomyoma, epithelioid sarcoma, and Ewing sarcoma. Fullen contributes to the section on smooth muscle tumors – cutaneous leiomyomas and variants.

Published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, The WHO Classification of Skin Tumors is long-known by pathologists as the gold standard for tumor diagnosis and an essential guide for all those involved in cancer research and the care of cancer patients.