Winners of the Inaugural Poster Session at the Advances in Forensic Medicine and Pathology Conference

By Angela Suliman | May 16 2018

Congratulations to both Sarah Avedschmidt, MD, and Anna (Ania) Owczarczyk, MD, PhD, winners of the outstanding poster award at the inaugural poster session for the Advances in Forensic Medicine and Pathology Conference on May 10, 2018!

Posters presented at this year’s Advances in Forensic Medicine & Pathology Conference included:

Acetyl Fentanyl: Trends and Concentrations in Metro Detroit,” Sarah Avedschmidt, MD; Carl Schmidt, MD; Daniel Isenschmid, PhD; Kilak Kesha, MD; David Moons, MD, PhD; Avneesh Gupta, MD.


Sudden Maternal Death: Amniotic Fluid Embolism Syndrome,” Anna B. Owczarczyk, MD, PhD; Jeffrey M. Jentzen, MD, PhD; and Allecia M. Wilson, MD.


Characteristics of Fire-Related Homicides in Wayne County, Michigan,” Kyle S. Conway, MD, JD, Carl J. Schmidt, MD and Theodore T. Brown, MD


The curious case of a bloodless aortic rupture: sudden death due to aortic rupture into the lung,” Krista G. Chain, MD and Jeffrey M. Jentzen, MD, PhD


Improved Detection of Cathinones, 2C Amines and 25NBOMe Designer Drugs in Urine by Derivatization and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS),” Milad Webb, MD, PhD; Gregory Janis and Hema Ketha, PhD


Sarcoidosis deaths in Wayne County, Michigan: A 20-year retrospective study,” Milad Webb, MD, PhD, Kyle Conway, MD, Martin Ishikawa, MD, and Francisco Diaz, MD


Autopsy and Pathology Findings in Fungal Meningitis due to Contaminated Steroid Injection”, Nathan Shaller, MD, Jeffrey M. Jentzen, MD, PhD


Sudden Death of an Adult with MELAS Syndrome Due to Diabetic Ketoacidosis: An Autopsy Case Study,” Erica M. Reed, PA (ASCP)CM, HTL (ASCP)CM, D-ABMDI; Amy A. Swanson, MD; Anja C. Roden, MD; Peter T. Lin, MD


Sudden Death in Pregnancy: A Fatal Case of Acute Chorioamnionitis,” Allecia Wilson, MD