Faculty Contribute to 11th Edition of Best-Selling Textbook

By Elizabeth Walker | December 15 2017

Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathology - Eleventh Edition Volume 1 (2017). Cover featuring Laura Lamps, MD and Jeffrey Myers, MD.Rosai and Ackerman’s Surgical Pathology textbook has been the best-selling text globally for generations of practicing surgical pathologists, beginning with the first edition authored by Lauren Ackerman in 1953. Succeeding editions were largely single-author texts that reflected the comprehensive experience and extraordinary knowledge base of two of pathology's most remarkable scholars, Lauren Ackerman followed by Juan Rosai.

When the time came to update this text in the form of the 11th edition, the evolution of subspecialization, combined with the lack of any single individual qualified to serve as author, required a more collaborative strategy.

John Goldblum invited Laura Lamps, Jesse McKinney, and Jeffrey Myers to join him in preserving Dr. Ackerman’s and Rosai’s legacy in crafting a new edition. Their goal, in collaboration with a limited number of contributors (compared to similar large, multi-author texts), was to preserve Rosai’s voice of experience while including the level of expertise required to keep pace with the needs of today’s students, trainees, and practitioners.  The surprisingly short list of contributors includes not only Lamps and Myers, but also our own Jon McHugh and Tom Giordano; this means that nearly a third (31%) of the 2,142 pages in this 2-volume 11th Edition set reflect the work of our own Michigan faculty!


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