Dr. Sriram Venneti Receives Sontag Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award

By Dustin Johnston | November 3 2017

Sriram Venetti MD, PhD, was awarded a $600,000 Sontag Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award grant over a period of 4 years to support his research in cancer metabolism and epigenetics in childhood ependymomas.

The Distinguished Scientist Award (DSA) seeks to provide career and research support to early-career scientists who demonstrate outstanding promise for making scientific and medical breakthroughs in the field of brain cancer research.

Recipients of the award are inspired individuals with projects that show potential to generate new knowledge relating to causes, cure, or treatment of primary brain tumors/brain cancer. Applicants are carefully considered and selected by The Sontag Foundation and its independent Scientific Advisory Board based on the scientific merit of the proposed project, career trajectory, peer and mentor references, and an onsite research facility visit.