Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Launches New Next-Generation Sequencing Panels

By Noah Brown | August 30 2017

On August 30th, 2017, the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory launched new next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels including the Lung Cancer NGS Panel, the Colorectal Cancer NGS Panel, the Melanoma NGS Panel and the Solid Tumor NGS Panel.  By detecting mutations, gene amplifications and gene fusions, these panels not only cover standard of care molecular alterations for solid tumors, but also the vast majority of those that are relevant for clinical trial enrollment and other emerging therapeutic options. In addition, these panels have been optimized to be run on small biopsies and aspirates with as little as a few dozen neoplastic cells. For inadequate cell blocks and exhausted blocks, these panels can even be run on DNA/RNA extracted from Diff-Quik or Pap stained aspirate smears or even diagnostic H&Es (following digital imaging). A full description of the tests including the molecular alterations covered is available within the Pathology Lab Handbook.