Michael Pitter becomes Dr. Michael Pitter

By Lynn McCain | May 14

Michael Pitter 500.jpgMolecular and Cellular Pathology Graduate Student Michael Pitter successfully defended his PhD thesis on March 15, 2024, and officially became Michael Pitter, PhD, MS. Pitter completed his thesis research in the laboratory of Dr. Weiping Zou, the Charles B. de Nancrede Professor, Professor of Pathology and Surgery. Pitter’s thesis, “The Role of Peptidyl Arginine Deiminases in Regulating Anti-tumor Responses in Immune Cells” reports on his research which demonstrated that PAD2 and PAD4 enzymatic activity supported tumor growth and when inhibited, may serve as a novel target in the treatment of cancer. He also discovered that PAD4 citrullinated STAT1, controlling STAT1 transcriptional activity, and consequently, MHC-II expression and function in macrophages. This work featured multiple novel findings in macrophage biology which may be exploited for the treatment of cancer and was published in Cell Reports.

Now that he has completes his PhD, Pitter is eager to continue working as an immunologist and bioinformatician in the context of cancer and infectious diseases. “This exciting and burgeoning field holds a great deal of promise that the innovations therein will have huge impacts on health and medical treatment for years to come,” stated Pitter. He is currently exploring options in industry where he can leverage his immunology and bioinformatics knowledge and techniques to support the development of drugs and therapeutics.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Michael Pitter on the successful completion of his PhD!