U-M Pathology Alumni Society (UMPAS)

Annual Resident Awards

Guidelines for selection of outstanding Residents in Training at the University of Michigan Department of Pathology.

The purpose of our Resident Award is to recognize scholarly and exemplary achievement in the discipline of Pathology in one or a combination of the following areas:  teaching, service, and research. It will be awarded annually using the academic year calendar July 1—June 30.

Residents in training at the University of Michigan, Department of Pathology are eligible to receive the AP or CP award. Residents in years of training 3-5 are eligible.  Fellows will not be considered.

Nominations will be solicited by the Directors of AP and CP, including faculty at the University of Michigan, Department of Pathology. The selection committee will comprise of the division directors, faculty members, and two members of  UMPAS.

Two separate resident awards will be given annually using the academic year (July 1 – June 30), one designated as an AP award, and one designated as a CP award. This will allow for two residents to be recognized. The award will contain a stipend of $1,000 per awardee and include a certificate or plaque.

The Award will be presented by the President of the Society, or their designee, at the annual resident farewell dinner hosted by the Department of Pathology.

M. R. Abell, MD, PhD / Anatomic Pathology Award

Abell2.jpgFirst Abell Resident Award initiated in 1995

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J. G. Batsakis, MD & R. H. Nishiyama, MD / Clinical Pathology Award

Nishiyama2.jpgBatsakisFirst Batsakis / Nishiyama Award initiated in 2015/2016

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Year Recipient Award
2023 Julianne Szczepanski, MD AP
2023 Batoul Aoun, DO CP
2022 William R. Perry, MD AP
2022 Efrain Gutierrez-Lanz, MD CP
2021 Laura M. Griessinger, MD AP
2021 Ania B. Owczarczyk, MD CP
2020 Emily McMullen, MD AP & CP
2019 Stephen Weindorf, MD AP & CP
2018 Stephanie L. Skala, MD AP
2018 David M. Manthei, MD, PhD CP
2017 Cody Carter, MD, PhD AP
2017 John Sherbeck, MD CP
2016 Kristina Davis, MD AP & CP
2015 Aaron Udager, MD, PhD AP
2014 David Arps, MD, PhD AP
2013 Steven C. Smith. MD, PhD AP
2012 Kurt Bernacki, MD AP
2011 Larry Bischof AP
2010 Elizabeth Wey, MD AP
2009 Lindsay Schmidt, MD AP
2008 Matthew Wasco, MD  AP
2007 Christopher Przybycin, MD AP
2006 Diane Hall, MD AP
2005 Jon McHugh, MD AP
2004 Wei Xin, MD AP
2004 Scott Owens AP
2003 none awarded  
2002 none awarded  
2001 Ming Zhou, MD, PhD AP
2000 none awarded  
1999 Celina G. Kleer, MD AP
1998 none awarded  
1997 Leslie Bruch, MD AP
1997 Joseph Tworek MD AP
1996 none awarded  
1995 Walter Hendricks, MD AP
1995 Eric Hsi, MD AP