Molecular Testing Lab (CLIA)

The Molecular Testing Lab (MTL) provides services to meet the medical needs of Michigan Medicine and the clients of the M-Labs outreach program in the Department of Pathology. The laboratory was founded by Dr. Chinnaiyan.  The Clinical Director of the lab is Dr. Lakshimi Kunju who is board-certified in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology.  The lab is fully accredited by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (Accreditation # 23D1088637) and College of American Pathologists (Accreditation # 7213473) and active in the CAP Laboratory Accreditation and Proficiency Testing programs. The Technical Director of the MCTP CLIA laboratory is Javed Siddiqui, M.S., and support staff includes 4 certified medical technologists. Currently, MTL offers urine PCA3 (Gen-Probe) test for prostate cancer detection and CellSearch® Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) testing for breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers and the recently developed MyProstateScore (MPS) test. To order these tests, click here.

The MCTP CLIA lab is also developing clinical tests for the detection of cancer gene fusions in patient tissues using automated FISH and immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining methods. We are working with Gen-Probe Inc., which has licensed the technology, to develop the assay designed to detect the gene fusion TMPRSS2:ERG for clinical use and we hope to offer the test to patients in the near future. Other assays in early development are novel Immunohistochemistry-based automated methods for the simultaneous assessment of ERG/PTEN and ERG/SPINK1 status in prostate cancer for clinical use.

Click here for more information on available tests and information on how to order tests or call: (734) 232-0834.

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