For Physicians

EHW_4328.jpgMCTP was formed in 2007, under the directorship of Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan, as a focused initiative to bring basic research discoveries from molecular medicine to clinical applications for the identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets for cancer diagnosis and treatment. MCTP resources include core laboratories in proteomics, microarray, and immunomics, as well as an extensive bioinformatics infrastructure.

 Also under the Center umbrella is the Molecular Testing Laboratory (MTL). MTL provides service to meet the medical needs of the University of Michigan Health System and the clients of the M-Labs program. The MTL is fully accredited by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment and College of American Pathologists and is active in the CAP Laboratory Accreditation and Proficiency Testing programs. MTL currently offers PCA3 and CTC diagnostic testing and several other tests are in development.

We've recently undertaken a new initiative, MI-ONCOSEQ, to exploit the rapid advances in DNA sequencing technologies to realize the goals of “personalized medicine” for the treatment of cancer. MI-ONCOSEQ project brings together expertise at the University of Michigan including clinical oncology, clinical genetics, genomic science/bioinformatics, clinical pathology, social and behavioral sciences, and bioethics in order to implement the practice of personalized medicine in cancer treatment. This project will also address some of the major ethical challenges that accompany genetic testing.

You can read more about the tests available by visiting MTL and MI-ONCOSEQ webpages.