For Patients

patients.jpgThe overarching goal of the Michigan Center for Translational Pathology (MCTP) is to “translate” (or apply) molecular genetics discoveries from the laboratory to the clinical setting to benefit patient care, bringing research from “the bench" to the "bedside.”

We have a collaborative, dedicated team where all members work together to solve the biological problems from many different angles of expertise, enabling a more comprehensive understanding.  We combine cutting-edge research utilizing the latest technologies with innovative analysis to answer important questions about how normal cellular processes are disrupted in cancer and how we can design effective therapies. In addition to experiments using cells, we test patient samples to corroborate our findings in an actual disease setting.

We invite you to learn more about MCTP and the exciting research underway by visiting the About and News section of our website.

For patients interested in the clinical services and studies available, please visit the webpages located in the navigation bar to the right.

If you have questions or comments please visit our Contact Us page or email us at

Additionally, you may contact the U-M Cancer Center Answerline (800) 865-1125) where staff can provide you with the most helpful and current information. 

At MCTP, our hope is your hope: accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and elimination of the disease.

We extend our heartfelt wish for the best possible outcome to all patients coping with serious illness.